How do I particpate in a Challenge?

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How do I particpate in a Challenge?

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:00 pm

A Challenge is an invitation to join a group for a song collaboration. Each Challenge description will have a chord progression for the group to develop into a song. The chord progressions are randomly generated numbers of 1 to 7 that represent the chords of any key. Go to the Challenges category to preview.

The Challenge Group number will the same as the Challenge number. For example, if you like Challenge 35354271M, you would want to join Challenge Group 35354271M. The number represents the chords used in the progression, a capitalized "M" stands for major key and a small cap "m" stands for minor key.

To pick the challenge you want, go to Usergroups on the top menu and select the Challenge Group you want to join.

You can start participating after you have been approved by the moderator.

Go to your group's forum in the Challenge Groups to start posting. Only your group will have access to that forum.

You'll need a Soundcloud or other music page like YouTube, where you can post work that others can view and download. This forum does not have a function for sending, downloading or uploading attachments but you can do that outside the forum.

For more information see Challenge Group Guidelines


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