How do contributors get credit?

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How do contributors get credit?

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:20 pm

Credit for the song is shared equally within the Challenge Group. An idea becomes communal property of the group once it's submitted.

It seems like a simple percentage model would work, with credit based who and how much someone contributes. But it quickly becomes a tangled web, fraught with many points of contention.

A challenge group becomes locked after a maximum of 4 people join. Challenge Groups can have less than 4 members if agreed to.

If a Challenge is filled, another group for the same challenge will be created so that anyone can work on any challenge.

All songs should be submitted for professional feedback. Feedback can be just as important as composition.

The owner of this forum reserves the right to represent songs created through the facilitation of this forum (as outlined in the registration process).

The facilitator of this forum is responsible for a good and meaningful experience for it's users. True creativity is made possible by eliminating distractions from vaguely thought out ideas and clearly stating how things should work. Hopefully that is apparent in the effort that has gone into making this forum available. If there are any questions, it's best to ask them sooner than later.

You will need a budget. It would be a good idea discuss this with your collaborators in the beginning. You should prepare to cover expenses for things like copyrighting, feedback and submission fees to promotion companies. There may be session work involved if for example, you decide you need a singer.

A song could cost from $500 on up for a 3rd party to produce. How many if us are willing to put up our money?

Money can be saved by self producing songs that come close to professional sounding, the technology is here. It's just a matter of who will do it. Many musicians are knowledgeable enough but there are some who are not. It is advisable to know how to use one of the standard DAW software programs like Pro Tools or Reaper and you will need to make mp3's to post your work during your collaboration.


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