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Challenge 44417512M

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:48 am

This a randomly generated 8 bar chord progression for you to work on.

IV IV IV I viio V I ii

It could be any key but these are the chords in the key of C Major:

F, F, F, C, bdim, G, C, dm

This is what it sounds like.

There are no exact rules to interpreting this, it's more of a launch pad to generate inspiration; you can be as strict or loose in following the format as you want. You can:

Use any rhythm, tempo or time signature.

Use any instrumentation and arrangement.

Shorten, lengthen, add or subtract measures.

Add a melody line.

Add any chord colors; 7ths, 6th's, 9ths, 13ths etc, majors or minors.

Substitute and rearrange chords.

If you stray too far from the original chord progression, you may lose the benefit of achieving the unexpected when working within limitations. But the ultimate goal is to create good music no matter how it's done.

Make your interpretation interesting and not too familiar sounding. Many songs have common chord progressions but they are differentiated by the 7 Elements of Music: melody (which is different than a chord progression), harmony, rhythm, tone, form, tempo and dynamics. There is also style, nuance and message to name a few more.

You may decide your result is better than what you're willing to post here which is understandable. Keep in mind that the goal is to write songs with partners in order to have a greater chance of success. A little bit of success with others is better than working by yourself and ending up with something that might not go anywhere.

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