Purpose and goals

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Purpose and goals

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:56 am

Successful songs are often a team effort. My vision is to create a platform where a collaboration between songwriters, instrumentalists, lyricists, arrangers, singers, producers and anyone with a passion for music can contribute to the process of creating a song. I believe every individual at every level can receive credit for their contribution, even if they're only contributing constructive feedback.

One of the challenges of collaboration is how credit is defined and recognized. For two people, it's usually agreed to share the song equally. Some bands include all the members as co-writers because the arrangement often defines the song. The expectation should be clearly stated to avoid misunderstandings. The scope of using the internet as a way to form a creative consensus raises a few practical questions and some that I probably haven't even thought of. The obvious ones are; how this is going to work and where do we start?  

To answer, please read the topic How do contributors get credit?

Since I'm envisioning a team effort, there will collaboration at the administrative level as well as the creative. We will be attempting to organize different voices into one voice while acknowledging each unique individual contribution.   

However which way it works, I believe the best way to start is by jumping in. Begin by looking at the Challenge posts.

Good luck.


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